Wednesday, May 2, 2012


When I first got married, I had the enormous realization that, for the first time in my life, it would be totally acceptable to get pregnant. No one would judge me, no one would cast me out of society. In fact, the opposite would happen. People would welcome my pregnancy. People would (gasp!) congratulate me on getting knocked up. Craziness, I know.

But just because you can have children doesn't mean you want to have children. Or at least that's how I feel. I struggled with the idea of getting married before I became a wife, so in some ways, it only feels natural to struggle with the idea of having children before I become a mother. Still, I am completely comfortable without children. And I have never been a person who craved children and couldn't wait to start a family.

At my last lady doctor visit, the lady doc said to me, "I see you're married. So, you're not actively trying to prevent pregnancy."

To which I replied, "No, we are actively trying to prevent pregnancy." Because, well, we are. We use birth control and aren't ready to have children yet. We like our lives the way they are and we're reticent to change them.

Last fall, we got a puppy, Ollie.  If we wanted a glimpse of the hell that would become our lives with children, we have certainly gotten one.  A.P. (that'd be my husband for those of you not in the know...see this post for an explanation on the name) and I have both talked about how we may as well have children since we barely get any sleep with the puppy anyway.  The reality, though, is that we're not having children.  Not any time soon, anyway.  

There are my many, many reasons I don't want children, here are some of them:

1.  They cost a ton of money, and, well, I'm broke.  We're not broke, but I'm broke.  I have a ton of school debt still, which I feel immensely responsible for.  Which leads to number 2...

2.  If I were to have children, I would want to stay home with them.  Chastise me all you want for not wanting to be a working mother, but for many, many reasons that I will probably go into at a later date, I want to stay home with my kids.  Because I'm so broke from all the debt and because I don't want A.P. to have to pay that debt, I would feel extraordinarily guilty about quitting my job and having him be the sole provider for our family.  

3.  There is so much I haven't done yet.  Not that I think I can't do it after we have kids, but I know the chances of some of this stuff happening will decrease greatly.  

4.  We like our free time.  A lot.  A.P. and I come home from work and if we don't have to work more, we like to pursue our different hobbies, spend time with one another, watch TV, etc.  Not that those things would disappear altogether if we had kids, but for at least a while, they'd fall to the bottom of our lists.  And frankly, we need them.  Work is a huge, frustrating part of our lives.  There would be no end to our stress and I think we'd be pretty miserable.

5.  We already get little sleep.  Some Fridays I come home and just crash on the couch.  Two weeks ago, I got off work early.  I came home and fell asleep from 4-9pm and I could barely wake myself up at 9pm.  A.P. and I spend a good deal of our weekend sleeping because we're constantly sleep deprived during the week.  If you were to add a child into that mix, well, I just don't think we'd sleep again until we were either 50 or dead.  

6.  It may sound selfish, but we like our childless lives.  A lot.  We like spending money on whatever the hell we want.  We like traveling whenever we want.  We like that we don't have to find a babysitter to go to the movies.  We still feel like we do too much and enjoy doing it too much to give it all up for something that we quite honestly don't know if we want.

I wish I had a nice, rounded out list of 10 things, but I think those things are reason enough.  I know there are some people who would just laugh at this list.  And that's fine, I guess.  But it is how I feel.  I've never been someone who knew from the get go that they wanted children.  If anything, the older I get the more I don't want kids.  My hormones say otherwise, but that's a story for another day.

So where is the uncertainty?  Well, it's having kids.  It's what we're told to do, what we're expected to do, what we're biologically put on this planet to do.  Babies having babies, man.  It's the way of the future.  Seriously, though, coming up with reasons to have kids isn't hard.  It's the allure of liking my life the way it is that knocks those reasons on their ass.  And quite honestly, what I worry about most is that I will have kids and resent my kids because I had to give up so much for them.  I know that seems unlikely, but sometimes I felt like my mother felt like that about me and my siblings.  And I think I felt it more because there was such a huge age gap between my siblings and me.  I think that after my parents' divorce my mother resented still having a young child at home when she could have gone out and dated and been free (which she did anyway, but I felt like I still prevented her from doing certain things).  I already worry about my capacity to love versus normal human beings.  I struggle with how that translates to children.  

Do you feel uncertain about having children?  Or if you have children now, did you feel uncertain before?  And if so, what changed your mind?


  1. I once read a post on a forum, where a lady was explaining that for the longest time she hadn't wanted kids. But a boyfriend convinced her, she agreed and had a daughter. She was writing that although she loved her daughter (now 8-9 y.o.) crazily, and she would never tell her that, she deeply regretted having had her. (Tough to read but it's the reality of human feelings) - because indeed, she liked her childfree life much more and was really missing it.

    So yeah, maybe we can never be sure, it's tough. I'm not sure myself, I'm mostly worried about time passing and not finding a partner and so not having the possibility/choice, if I wanted to, to have a kid.

  2. We know we want children, but at the same time, it IS hard to imagine giving up so many of the things we love about our right-now life. Our plan is to wait a while before trying (and since we physically CANNOT get accidentally pregnant, because of the two-lady thing, we actually really have to choose to try to conceive with purpose. That's both awesome-- no accidental pregnancy, hooray!-- and hard to think about, because it will possibly be a very hard and lengthy process for us to have children.)

    I think it's okay to like your life the way it is and not know for sure if you want to change that or not. <3



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