Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcome to Not the Parenting Kind!

This is a sister site to my marriage and wedding blog Not the Marrying Kind. I've been plotting and planning this blog's inception for some time and am super psyched to finally get it up and running.

It's ironic that I would start a second blog in the middle of a bit of a blog drought on NTMK, but part of the drought was because I was getting bored writing about marriage and weddings. I still love it, but I was itching to write on parenting and children. I knew I wanted to do that here, and not on NTMK, and so put off writing a lot on NTMK while I dreamt up this site. And now it's here!

The two sites look extraordinarily similar intentionally. They are meant to be sister sites, that you would read in conjunction with each other. Marriage, weddings, and various topics of interest are covered on Not the Marrying Kind and parenthood and my reluctance to jump into it are discussed here. I hope you'll join me in this venture. I can't promise I'll update here as frequently as NTMK at first, but I promise to make it worth your while when I do. : )
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